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Trying to meet all those end-of-year deadlines often means late nights – and that’s on top of everything else you’ve got going on. The result? Puffy, tired eyes…


You should be using an eye cream like Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex, R990, every night, but if you’ve been a bit slack, use an eye mask. Sorbet Smoothing Under Eye Mask, R55, instantly brightens.

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Leave two teaspoons in the freezer overnight then, in the morning, place the backs of the spoons under your eyes (as close to the inside corner as possible), then apply a little pressure and glide out to the edges.


An end-of-year party is the perfect excuse to bring out that fab little cocktail dress you’ve been waiting to wear, but it might require you give your legs a little TLC…


To avoid red bumps and the evidence from any nicks, never shave or wax the day of a party; do any hair removal the day before (or sooner). After that, Sorbet Sensual Polish Up Salt Scrub, R45, is the perfect starting point for operation ‘legs out’. Slap it on, rub it in, and rinse. Scaly skin, gone; effort levels, zero.

This is a great opportunity for last-minute tanning… from a bottle. We love Caribbean Tan products. Be sure to use a tanning mitt to help with application and avoid streaks.


When you’re wearing a slinky LBD, your upper arms have nowhere to hide – you may have a little more wobble in your wave than you did last year, and you’re stuck with those pesky raised bumps.


Start off with the same scrub you used on your legs to help lessen the appearance of those bumps, and get rid of any dry skin – especially on your elbows.

Finish off with Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived Self-Tanning Body Lotion, R92,95; it slightly tans fair to medium skin while giving it a beautiful glow, which will detract from unevenness and make arms appear slightly slimmer and more toned.


The skin on your feet is 12 times thicker than the rest of the body, so it’s no wonder they need the extra attention.


Give yourself a DIY pedicure. After soaking your feet in File, R89,95, to get rid of hard skin. Cut your cuticles and nails, and paint your toenails in a summery shade, like Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer in Pretty As A Pink-ture, R149. Keep your feet soft with Spalicious Fig & Pomegranate Mask, R150. Give yourself a little foot massage with it before bedtime, then put on a pair of socks – you’ll wake up with sandal-ready feet.

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