Linda Wells possesses an intelligent kind.of beauty. She always looks perfectly simple and absolutely correct. Linda is an example of a porcelain beauty, where a little bit of makeup in pale colors is what looks best.
Joan Vass has a strong beauty that’s defined by healthy, outdoorsy skin and her fabulous white hair. Her beauty style and personality are one.

EYE MAKEUP FOR YOUR 40’S Photo Gallery

Our arguments were generally good-natured and, if they did get out of hand, things returned to an even keel fairly soon afterwards. Eventually, we exhausted the potential of accusing each other of deeds we may or may not have done and went through into the dining room, in high merriment, and ate plates of nasi goreng, packing our stomachs with rice and grease, followed by a choice of treacle pudding or jam roly-poly, washed down with beer. The dining room was half-full: a table of noisy Germans, a table of noisier Dutch, three Scottish ABs who argued loudly – paid-off early from a Ben Line ship for some misdeed, from what we overheard. Elsewhere, scatterings of twos and threes – mostly Europeans, some Indians, a few Orientals. The waiters slid past silently, the big wooden ceiling fans went whoosh, whoosh, whoosh over our heads, the louvered shutters were open to the heavily-scented gardens, and the muted traffic noise joined the clink and clatter and the stew of our conversations. Afterwards, we walked in the gardens under the dark equatorial night and smoked and talked of all the grand things we were going to do, of mischief, of debauchery. We talked of those on the Vexilla we liked and those we didn’t. We talked of LJ the mate and Ben the senior cadet, who had managed to get a set of fourth mate’s epaulettes to wear. We wondered what the Old Man was like as a cadet and speculated whether he was a crawler or a shagger or an oaf or a party man. We laughed and walked out of the gardens and into the Singapore night.

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