Through years of observation I have noticed that beauty has as much to do with your own features and makeup expertise as your self-image. It’s really so simple: Women who have confidence are more beautiful. Think about the confidence exuded by women like Anjelica Huston, Diane Sawyer, Jodie Foster, and Annette Bening. It is their strength of character, as much as their looks, that gives them their unmistakable presence.
In my work, I prefer doing makeup on imperfect beauties women who do not possess the most standard, conventional features. It’s much more interesting for me as a makeup artist. I recently was asked to do a story for Harper’s Bazaar: Create a signature makeup look, on a model of my choice, that epitomizes modern good looks. I chose Jaime Rishar precisely because her look is a little off. She isn’t model-tall (in fact, she is tiny), and she is extremely pale and not classically featured. I like
Two of my favorite faces: Christie Brinkley (left) and Phoebe Cates. That she is not a typical cookie-cutter beauty. I also like that she is real: She comes from a real town, has a real family, uses her own, real name,and is down-to-earth. Her wit and sense of humor come through in her eyes and the way she holds her face. She doesn’t have a vacant stare. That, to me, is modern beauty.


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