What are the best makeup tricks for playing down wrinkles?

Answer: The best makeup advice is to play up your strongest feature. Beyond that, it is important to keep skin extremely well moisturized and to wear a hydrating formula foundation.


Be vigilant! So, I went from feeling insulted and embarrassed when I got that hamburger for 25 cents off the posted price to using my smart phone to find those senior discounts wherever I shop. Actually, I only do that when someone who knows how to do it on the phone is with me. Now, one would think that spending about $400 a month on medications would indeed earn me a hefty senior discount. But who am I kidding? No senior discounts here. The worst time of the day, every day for me is facing the mirror. At the outset, it would only be fair here to the mirror industry I suppose to point out that many of the unpleasant little discoveries we see in our reflection in no way is a reflection on them. The scaly, crinkled, alligator-like skin that one day showed up on my forearms is a case in point. It has a name. It is crepey skin. Those crepe paper like crinkles showed up one day and no manner of oil or creams can erase them I could show you a close up, but.

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