Eye Makeup By Eye Line


Eye corrections are very important and very difficult. It is necessary to make the eyes as beautiful as possible. Make sure you do what you want to do before you start making corrections. If in doubt, normal make-up should be done before going into fix.

EYES NEAR EACH ONE: If two-tone headlamps are used while making up these types of eyes, the light tone is used on the inner tip and the dark tone is used on the outer tip of the eye. The dark tonight is spread out from the outer side of the eye. If a single color headlight is used, it is lightly applied to the inner end of the eye and strengthened at the outer end. If eyeliner or pen is to be used, it is applied starting from the back one third, not from the inner one, and carried out from the outer side of the eye.

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REMOTE EYES IN ONE: The correction is the opposite of the construction of the near eyes, this time it is dark on the inside of the head of the headlight, it fades on the outer edge and does not extend beyond the eye. The pencil or eyeliner starts strongly from the inner end of the eye at the bottom and top and fades out from the outer end without overflowing the eye.

EYE IN THE POOL: In such eyes, either light or light headlights should be used or never used. A pen or eyeliner may be used, but only the upper eyelid should be pushed. After the mascara is applied, if the eyes are small, a soft line can be drawn under the eyes. All lines should be thin and soft.

FOOT EYES: After the eye fan is spread and spread to the eyebrows, the darker tone is applied to the lid caps. This dark shadow should fade towards the eyebrows. Eye pencil can be used at the top and bottom.

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