Inspirations: Brigitte Bardot, Kim Basinger, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington (as well as most models)
Small Lips: Do not attempt to create a bigger mouth by pencil lining beyond the edge of your mouth it tends to look silly. Instead, use a lip pencil to define your mouth, going to the full extent of your natural lip line. Wear light-to-medium colors on your mouth and put the focus on your eyes.


He also became much less intimidating late into the evening, although I suppose this was probably mostly due to my own inebriated state at that time, which caused me to become braver in the way I spoke to him. The chief steward – he had a significant problem. He was a short man, slightly bitter and slightly vicious. Although he was an officer – a two-striper, nominally equal to the second mate and the third engineer – he was an officer on the fringes. The deck officers and engineer officers were trained, were professional people. The chief steward had a background of serving meals in the saloon, making bunks and cleaning cabins: the stewards were the least-admired group of ratings on a ship, below the sailors and the engine-room workers, the firemen. So, when a steward climbed up the greasy pole to become chief steward – an officer – he was never really accepted. In my experience, the chief steward of a ship usually tended to develop a friendship with the sparks – another loner; another outsider. The sparks, however, had a lot more respect, being viewed as an educated man – the chief steward was at the bottom of the status pole. The chief steward on the Vexilla had a habit of bullying his stewards.

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