I try to look my best, as most women do. I do it mainly for myself, but I like it when someone tells me I look pretty. I think everyone likes to hear that compliment; pretty is a magical word. After fifteen years as a professional makeup artist, having done thousands of women’s faces, I believe looking pretty is not just about doing nice makeup or possessing exceptional God-given features. No, I am convinced that confidence is probably the most compelling element of real beauty. In every aspect of my life, I consciously strive to boost my self-confidence. I make a practice of limiting negativity and hassles that can drag me down or erode that self-assur-ance. A positive outlook shapes my roles at home and at work as a wife and mother and as a makeup artist and the head of my own cosmetics company; it is, I hope, the guiding principle of this book.
What, exactly, is my beauty style? It is modern, pared-down, and realistic. It is makeup that is superwearable, long-lasting, and easy to apply. It is about a face that is pretty not because it is perfectly painted or artfully spackled but because it is smooth, natural, and healthy-looking. It is products that do not mask or disguise your own natural good looks, ethnicity, or skin tone. My beauty mission is to help women appreciate their own unique features, not those of a flawless supermodel or a breathtakingly beautiful actress. I want to enable every woman to develop her own beauty style.
My method of makeup application is straightforward and quite easy. I tend not to teach the most highly technical or intense applications since they can be time-consuming and produce looks that are outdated and overdramatic for everyday life. All of my methods are designed to be modulated toned down or up to your taste or to the occasion. That’s because I feel that makeup should not be about rules rather, it’s about options.


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