Eye Makeup Ideas For Hazel Eyes

Note: Light up where you want to clarify. Shadow is given at the desired time to be marked.

DOUBLE JOURNEY: After the foundation is poured, starting from under the jaw, one or two tons of shade is made from the normal foundation towards the neck. This shadow may be a little darker in the makeup of the photo or the scene. However, the color in the film and theater should not be dark, otherwise the neck looks dirty. The shadow jaw and the neck are thoroughly aged and must mix naturally with the foundation.

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BACK JEAN: With such a jaw, the jaw can be brought forward with high light. If the jaw is to be brought to the fore, the jaw is made with the rubber piece (in character make-up) or the plasto. It is useful for men to chin and to make the right sauces.

OUTPUT JAE: If the jaw is very out, it is shaded with one or two tone bays of foundation used on the face.

YARIK ÇENE: The cut is applied to the part of the foundation by feeding light.
You should make the expressions with the following jaw types in make-up.

PEOPLE WITH BONE CHILDREN: The bony jaw is full of grace and determination. People with bony jaws are reliable people. People with bone jaws have the truth. He will not leave the truth. The decisions he makes are a corner. Like Hamlet’s father in Hamlet W. Shakespeare’s play.

PEOPLE THAT HAVE YASSIO CHARACTERS: These kind of jawed people are born cold. They are menfaatçi. There is nothing they will not do for their interest. They like to work more. They love to work for their own sake. When they need to help someone, they create thousands of negative answers. For example, Macbeth W. Shakespeare’s Machbet character.

PEOPLE WHO HAVE CYCLE CHARACTERS: They become blind but hide their grudges. They are cunning. They always like to keep their lives guaranteed. Even when they say no Param is puffy pockets actually. Moliere is like the harpagon character in the stingy game.

PEOPLE WHO HAVE ROUNDED CHARACTERS: People who enjoy life but who also love to work. They do everything with pleasure. They love their job. They even do the worst work. So they succeed in life. Jehov’s Marriage Offer is like the Lumof character in the game.

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