Eye makeup ideas for prom

THUMBPRINT ROBINS THESE ADORABLE ROBIN CARDS ARE SO QUICK AND EASY – YOU COULD EVEN LET THE KIDS MAKE THEM WHILE YOU SIT DOWN FOR A WELL-DESERVED BREAK Thin white cardboard measuring 17×8.5cm Pencil Black pen Red ink stamping pad Fold the card rectangle in half to make an 8.5-cm-square greeting card. Hand draw a simple robin shape, like the ones i n the photo above (or trace it on from a card or picture). Use a pencil first then, when you’re happy with it, go over the lines with a black pen. Make the lines thicker – it doesn’t matter if the lines are a bit wobbly in places, it looks good like that. Press your thumb or finger firmly onto the red ink stamping pad and make a print on the robin to create his little red breast. STRAW WREATH HOW PRETTY IS THIS? MADE IN LESS THAN AN HOUR – AND YOU CAN BE SURE NONE OF YOUR FRIENDS WILL HAVE ONE! Cereal box Scissors Lots of straws Gluegun Thickribbon Thin ribbon or string – Cut a circle out of the cereal box, then c ut a large hole in the middle. Glue the straws all the way around the front of the circle. Once the glue has set, add another layer of straws onto the first. Try to hide any bits of the cereal box from showing. Once dry, turn the whole wreath over c nd glue more straws on in the same way on the back, ensuring that you fill in any big gapsin the straws. Tie a big bow with your ribbon and use the glue gun to stick it in place, with the bow on the front and the ties hanging down the back. 4Add a loop of ribbon or string to the back for hanging.

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