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MAGIC The secret to finding your perfect fragrance? Perfumer Camille Latron tells Libby Allen that it all comes down to the enchanting power of memories, revived through scent

Camille lists 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera and CH Men Prive among her favourite creations

Camille (above left and below) and Carolina Herrera de Baez (right) at a recent CH fragrance event held in Joburg, where Camille gave unique insight into what makes a really standout perfume – seduction is a key component, she says

Internationally acclaimed perfumer Camille Latron works for the global fashion- and fragrance house Puig, whose portfolio boasts products for Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Prada, and Paco Rabanne. Camille lives and works in Barcelona.

There are no rules when it comes to wearing fragrance.

I don’t believe that there are specific moments for certain scents – the old adage of day- and nighttime perfumes is nonsense. If a perfume fits you well and you’re happy with it, wear it morning and evening, in winter or summer. Your smell is far too personal for rules.

Perfume is the last accessory you put on. If you’ve worn one outfit during the day and you’re going out at night and dressing up, that change of clothing might make you want to change your perfume, and that’s great. You might be attached to one fragrance all the time and that’s perfectly fine, too. We adorn ourselves in many ways – with clothing, jewellery, make-up and fragrance. It’s all got to feel like one perfect picture together.

I love the elegance of the Carolina Herrera brand. The perfumes bloom with femininity and joy, and they’re contemporary and classic at the same time. It can take from 10 months to two years to create a fragrance.

I always start with the brand, as it’s ultimately my job to translate that ethos into scent. Carolina Herrera is one of the most precious brands to work on, as it’s timeless.

It’s truly spellbinding to think that what you smell like can provoke attraction’

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