Eye Makeup For Mardi Gras


For a temporary lip implant and for people who cannot tolerate collagen, these hyaluronic acid gels are used with great success because they have the same chemical and molecular structure as an enzyme present in humans that helps keep skin moist and elastic.


Autologous fat transplantation plumps up skin using your own fat that has been liposuctioned from your thighs or abdomen. This can be used for deep lines, lip augmentation and acne scars.

The memory of it all is still very vivid. Especially as I sit here writing dressed in comfy sweats, heavy socks, and fuzzy slippers, wondering if it really is ninety-two degrees outside. And, if it is, why am I so uncomfortably cool.

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No, let me correct that. Cold! I am cold! Even with the thermostat set at a balmy 75 degrees, the flow of air chills me to the bone. Now, I do not live alone. Temperature disputes are a source of some ongoing friction with my wife who is ten years younger and who is perspiring heavily as she bustles around the house. Her time will come. Somewhere, a wool comforter is lurking. How many times have I wished that the heating and cooling system at our place was as effective at keeping me warm in the winter as it is cooling me to excess in the summer? I suppose it stands to reason that if a room temperature of 75 degrees keeps me uncomfortably cool in the summer, it would not warm me up at 75 in the winter.

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