Makeup artist Bobbi Brown My makeup palette is built around colors that are mistake-proof and classic enough to withstand the seasonal fluxes of fashion and beauty trends. All the shades in my makeup box have been specifically selected because they will endure they will be current this month, this year, and five years from now. Period. There will be no rewriting of this book to reflect the next hot color off the runway or the next retro look in cosmetics to make a comeback. This is a guidebook that should help you look great forever.
A lot of women go in search of a makeup look. They get the steps written down for them on a piece of paper. Sometimes they’ll even receive a diagram so that they may know where to put the makeup. They buy all the products and then go home, praying that they will be able to re-create the look themselves. If you think about it, does it make sense to do the same makeup every single day?

The blush that looked fine on that September afternoon at the cosmetics counter when you bought all your new makeup may not do the trick on a February morning when you feel horrible and tired. Similarly, women go to skin specialists or to skin-care counters in department stores. They buy a lot of products, get a routine noted on paper, and go home to follow that routine morning and night. But will your skin need the same treatment on a ten-degree winter day as on a ninety-five-degree August day? Of course not.
I examine my face every day; it is my guide. I don’t do the same makeup or the same skin care every day because neither the appearance of my skin nor the look of my face is exactly the same every day. It is much more useful and realistic to look at your face fresh every morning. Then you strive to do that day what is most beneficial and pretty for you.


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