Eye Makeup For Wrinkled Eyes


If you wear the same style of make-up that you did when you were in school, it's time to make some changes. Visit your favourite make-up counter and ask a professional make-up artist to show you how to enhance your best features.

I will change the subject. Just remember, Bald is better. I realize that the ladies are not immune to this extraneous hair issue that sometimes crops up along their chin.

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Again, Bald is better. Which leads me to the subject of beards. I have noticed a tendency with some gentlemen at a certain age, to suddenly decide that it might be a good idea to grow a beard.

This is well and good. Some men take on a bit of a debonair look with a beard. Unfortunately, one cannot always be sure that the beard will grow out in the same color as the hair on their head, if they have any.

If an older man is hair still has color (in other words, not gray), the beard may not follow suit.

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