Eye Shadow Tips

In general, it is fresher to have light colors on the lid rather than dark.
Light colors open up the eyes rather than make them seem to recede.
It’s a basic makeup principle: Light stands out, dark recedes. (The same applies to concealer, which is used to lighten dark, recessed areas.)
To find the most natural-looking shadow colors, examine the colors that occur naturally on your eyelid and match them with sheer shadow shades.
The most fundamental lesson about eye color is to use colors that blend together naturally. The trick is not where you put the color it should never be apparent that there are three different colors. The shades should work together naturally and blend together invisibly.
Do not rub eye shadow with your fingertips in an attempt to blend or soften colors this will simply remove all the color or transfer the makeup onto your clothes. Wiping away color is a natural impulse when things look too intense but resist. Instead, use a powder puff with face powder and press it on your eyelid to tone down shadow color.
Using shadow along the lash line creates a softer line than pencil liner and is easier to control.

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