In developing my color palette for the eyes, I have purposely avoided colors like emerald green, turquoise, and purple. That’s because I would much rather let a woman’s own eye color pop than make a bold statement with the shadow shade. I have also avoided trendy shadow colors the pale blue you see in fashion magazines this month will be out of style by the time you buy and wear it.
The following chart represents a series of suggestions for shadow combinations, based on skin and hair coloring. The basic idea is to choose complementary colors in three intensities, light (for highlighting), medium (for lower half of lid), and dark (to be used at lash line as liner). While you need not necessarily buy these exact colors, it is important to stay within the same color range. Colors worn on the lid should blend naturally together so that there are not three separate swipes of shadow. Highlighter should be a natural extension of the shadow and the liner shades, perhaps even a less intense version of the others. What doesn’t work? Mixing pink high-lighter, moss shadow, and navy liner; these colors do not blend well together. (Wear gray shadow instead, however, and it works nicely!)
Pre-Makeup Warning: Avoid putting anything creamy on your eyelids (moisturizer, foundation, or concealer); it will crease or cake your eye shadow.

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