Eyebrow Plucking Mistakes Tips for Shaping Your Eyebrows

PROFESSIONAL BROW HELP It is very difficult to shape your own brow correctly. It is equally difficult to find someone who can do a good job of it for you. The best solution, I find, to locating the best brow waxer, hairstylist, trainer, or masseuse is to be a beauty networker; talk to your friends and work associates. Ask around to learn which salons in your community do waxing. Be sure to note the name of the person who performs the service as well. Don’t be too fazed by the elegance (or nonelegance) of the salon since, basically, the waxing will be only as good as the person doing it.
The one possible drawback to brow waxing is in-grown hairs, which can be quite painful and unsightly. To avoid them, clean the brow area with a toner immediately after waxing. Exfoliate with a gentle, grainy scrub regularly so that hairs will not get trapped beneath the skin.
Professional tweezing is probably the best option, but it is offered much less frequently than waxing. Ask around for makeup artists and salon aes-theticians who do this service. A semiannual waxing or tweezing appointment may be all you need: Once you establish the correct shape, upkeep as long as you tweeze weekly or biweekly is relatively easy.
Tinting is another salon option that is relatively fast and inexpensive. It is especially nice for blond brows that are so light they disappear. In that case, I recommend going a shade or two darker than your hair color. (If you feel discomfort in your eyes when the tint is applied, stop the process. You are probably allergic.) Never tint your brows black, even if your hair is naturally black or dyed black. The result is much too harsh; your brows look almost painted on. Try brown tones instead. If your hair contains any red highlights, try mahogany tones.

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