Eyeglasses And Your Beauty

For lots of women, eyeglasses are an everyday reality. For others, it is an option on days when our eyes are too tired for contacts. Whichever category you identify with, the last thing you want to do is to let your beauty fade behind your eyeglasses.

One makeup casualty with eyeglasses is that the frames tend to rub away foundation. When you go to the ladies' room, take off your glasses and do a quick blend of foundation.

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It is also extra important to define your brow when wearing eyeglasses. Take an extra moment to fill in your brow with a brown-toned shadow so that your own eyebrow, rather than the glasses frames, is defining your face.

If your glasses are a bold red or green, that's enough color around the eyes. Focus instead on great lipstick.

If you are sensitive or allergic to eye makeup, don't wear it. Instead, have a couple of different frames that you like and let that be your eye statement.

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