The eyeliner sharpens the shape of the eyes and opens them, but needs to be done in a very thin line. The black eyeliner is only for dark-haired and dark-skinned women, dark brown for others. Light complexion soft brown, gray brown and gray shades are suited to light complexions. Pencils give a softer appearance than liquid ones, but the most effective is a dark powder headlight and a frame drawn with a small pointed brush.

Eyeliner Photo Gallery

Liquid eyeliners form a solid line; and it is difficult to delete them if you make a mistake. The best thing is to leave him to the professionals. But if you are going to use it, here’s the recipe: With your finger stretching your eyelids down and look down and draw a thin line with a single movement as close as possible to your upper eyelid, eyelashes, Finish on the outer edge, do not extend outward.

Most women only use the eyeliner in the upper eyelid. If there is no frame in your lower eyelid, you can only draw a very soft line with dot strokes or feather touches. The eyeliner looks better when it is mixed with the eyelashes and the headlight. The pen looks more elegant, less harsh, and easier to apply.

How to apply eyeliner?

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