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We offered up our faces for some indulgent treatments. Here’s our pamper-rating QMS MEDICOSMETICS OXYGEN FACIAL Maybe Corpaci, Junior Beauty Editor R850 for 90 minutes The Experience: Aimed at promoting cell regeneration, this facial is a skin boost with immediate, visible results. The treatment begins with a thorough cleanse, followed by deep exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and decrease skin inflammation.

A cool and calming algae mask is then applied to help lift the remaining dead skin cells: the skin is now prepped to receive a collagen-based cream to promote elasticity and strength, followed by the facial’s core product: the HO2 Hyaluron Oxygen Serum. This light gel is gently pued onto the skin using an applicator pistol which is then used to spray a concentrated (98%) stream of oxygen for even deeper penetration. The facial is completed with the Activator Mask, aimed at protecting and firming the skin, leaving it with a silky-smooth and plumped sensation. Verdict: There are facials, and then there are fabulous facials.

This one gave me one of the best results ever. After the treatment, my skin not only felt softer to the touch, but also looked radiant. The redness caused by inflammation and congested areas was reduced.


Lauren de Beer, Editorial Assistant R960–R1 200 for 60 minutes The Experience: Introducing a new generation of facials, bio-electric technology meets high-potency actives in a unique treatment. This super-charged facial incorporates five treatments in one, and addresses individuals’ specific concerns. With pigmentation and oily skin as my trouble areas, the treatment was customised by using the L.E.D Blemish Control facial.

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The dierence between before and after was like the proverbial chalk and cheese. The hi-tech double peel removed dead skin cells, while the revitalising ultrasonic peel, followed by light therapy, revealed a more even skin tone and softer surface. Verdict: And so my love aair with Elemis began. Having problematic skin when growing up, I had many dierent facials and I can say, hands down, that this is the best by far. My skin immediately felt smoother and looked more radiant even days after the treatment.


Ranjeni Munusamy, Daily Maverick Associate Editor R580 for 75 minutes The Experience: This is no ordinary facial.

The products and the technology used to administer them are extraordinary and luxurious. While most facial treatments are designed to cleanse and pamper your skin, the Guinot treatments go further, using products that are superior to what is generally available in South Africa. (The treatment did not, however, include a steam clean and blackhead extraction, as you might expect.) Verdict: The eect was immediate and there was visible improvement in my skin condition over the next few days. A personalised, quality treatment with optimal results. Rating: 4.5/5

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