Your ideal beauty measurements are from classical Yunand. Greek artists have created the perfect style in their work: an oval face that expands in cheeks and is examined in a candle. It is ideally adopted between oval facial shapes.

The ideal oval face is divided into three kinds of pieces from the bottom to the jaw:

From hair to eyebrows, from eyebrows to nose tip and nose tip to jaw. The width of the ideal oval face should be five eyes. From the bottom of the hair to the outer end of the eye, from the eye itself, from the inner side of the eye to the inner tip of the other eye, from the eye itself and the outer side of the eye to the hair of the hair.


The ideal measure of the mouth is: When we look straight ahead, the vertical line descending through the pupils gives the measure of the mouth edges. All these measures do not show us that other face shapes are not beautiful. Even a person with a square face can be more beautiful than a person with an oval face. It is also necessary to make other face shapes close to the oval.

The facial features are grouped as follows: oval, square, long, triangle and inverted triangle.


OVAL FACE: After the foundation is laid, shadows are made with three to four tons of foundation. Here the desired roundness of the face is to remove the roundness and bring the face closer to the oval.

Starting from the ear edges at the bottom of the face, two sides of the forehead are shadowed. On the lower part of the ear, the curved shadow that descends from the top of the clinging jaw to the surface of the ear starts from the ear, and is spread from the side toward the outer side of the eye and downwards into the cheek hole. Eyebrows are curved, eyes and eyebrows are painted according to the shape.

SQUARE FACE: Shading is done in two parts.

The angular shape of the curved shadow, which starts from the middle of the forehead and descends from the hair of the hair to the temples, softens. In the lower part, an arc-shaped shadow is made, which starts from the upper end of the ear and goes down to the jaw. Under the outer end of the eye and on the cheekbone and in the jaw high light is applied. Blush is applied in triangular shape as if it is a rounded percentage.

LONG FACE: It is a face with a narrow forehead and a very wide jaw. Absolutely need correction. All face except the foundation is distributed. The foundation is spread a tonne of alunna. This light color spreads well to the hair follicle from the bottom of the temple to the normal fondotone.

The foundation is shaded by taking a four tonne bark and descending straight from the ear to the cheek pit in a curved shape and down to the jaw. The shadow is distributed to the lower part of the chin. Such a percentage may be a jaw drop; If the chin is out, a dark shadow is made in the jaw and it spreads from under the chin to the neck. The blush is spread on the cheekbone. Here is an ideal face for you.

INVERSE TRIANGLE FACE: Once in the face a large, jaw portion darsa, where the forehead portion should be narrowed and the jaw portion should be expanded. Normal foundation is applied to the other side of face except forehead. A pound of dark brown foundation is spread and well distributed. The two foreheads of the forehead are made of dark shadows and narrowed from the sides of the forehead. The foundation is applied with a three-ton hinge from the side to the cheek pit and from the top to the chin. The high light is well dispersed on the face and mixed with the normal foundation. The blush is spread over the cheek bone in a slightly curved shape toward the outer end of the eye.

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