Facial Care for Mature Skin Homemade

Facial care for mature skin usually means using treatments that are very gentle and nourishing, with mild cleansing and exfoliation properties as needed. As we age our skin tends to become dry, thin and dull. We want to stimulate and increase circulation to the skin to encourage vibrancy and sparkle without causing mechanical ‘or chemical irritation. In the first chapter you will find various preparations that are appropriate for aging skin, or you may want to experiment with the following formulas designed specifically with mature skin in mind. These formulas are very gentle and nourishing. If you find that you want a more astringent and cleansing formula that is less nourishing, please refer to the first chapter and choose among the formulas best suited for your skin type.

Facial Steams

Steams are an excellent way to increase circulation to the skin while deeply cleansing the pores. If you have thread veins or your skin is sensitive to heat, you may not want to use this treatment. Mature skin can often benefit from a weekly or twice-monthly steam.

Lavender Coriander Anise Blend

This is a sweet, refreshing steam for mature skin.

Use the following freshly dried herbs:

2 handfuls lavender flowers, 2 palmfuls coriander seeds (crushed before use),

2 palmfuls aniseeds (crushed before use)

Combine herbs, use a palmful of herbal mixture for each steaming. Follow directions for Basic Steam Technique 5. Store herbal mixture in a dry, cool place. Makes enough for 6 steams.

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