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Sleepy Tea

Put 1 tsp each dried Chamomile, Vervain and Lemon Balm into a pot. Add about 600ml/1 pint/2 cups boiling water. Leave to steep for 10 minutes. Strain and drink one cup after supper. Warm the rest and drink before going to bed.

If you continue to have problems sleeping, add a decoction of 1 tsp Valerian root or A tsp dried Hops or Californian Poppy to this blend of herbs.

Herbal Remedies Californian Poppy Passion Flower Chamomile Valerian Hops Vervain Lemon Balm Chamomile tea is not only beneficial but extremely refreshing. guide to herbs and their uses It has long been known that herbs are an essential part of the kitchen, adding all kinds of flavours, and for helping to relieve and cure a range of problems from migraines to wind (gas). The early physic gardens in monasteries were really basic pharmacies stocking many of these essential plants. Do not try and compete. Just grow those herbs that you know will help you feel much better.

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