Farrari Jones

Farrari Jones, the beautiful and exotic model and dancer. Luckily, we were able to conduct an exclusive interview with the lady who is more than just about her paper. With aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur, Farrari is playing her cards right in 2012. The little girl who went to elementary school with rapper Jody Breeze in Griffin,

Georgia is all grown up and has made her mark as a Diamond of Atlanta. She is not afraid to show off her grown woman curves and takes pride in her Black beauty.

When we asked Farrari about her campaign and what sets her apart from the rest of the exotic dancers in Atlanta, this is what she said…

“It’s something unorthodox. I push the envelope. I don’t wanna be like nobody else, and I don’t wanna leave the game looking like somebody else and doing what somebody else did. My hair is shaved on the side.

It’s just my style. My shit is different.”

We also got a chance to speak with Farrari about her goals in life.

“I want to get into the industry and be an urban model. I want to open up a chain of homes for autistic people, and let my grandmamma and my staff take care of them [clients]. My ultimate goal is to own a resort down in Miami. I want to call it The Bank Resort”

We know the stripper culture in Atlanta brings lots of money intc the city, so we had to know about Farrari’s relationship to the big spenders!

“I’ve danced with Floyd Mayweath-er, Kanye, Wayne. The most I got in one night was 15 racks and the most I got off one dude in one night was about eleven hundred…just straight dancing”

That’s a lot of money! With special girl-on-girl performances where she puts foam on a girl’s ass, plays with it and lights it on fire, we’re not surprised. That’s definitely a sight to see.

Aside from having fun, Farrari did not hesitate to give her honest opinion about serious issues. When we asked her to tell us her opinion about women who look down on strippers, this is what she had to say.

“It gets looked down upon, but it is a stepping stone for some of us women. It keeps us out the streets and provides for our children and our families. Nobody wants to make it a career. You know what, most of the women that look down on us have secretly thought about it once or twice in their minds. They want to do that shit, whether it’s for their husbands or their boyfriends. All women want to feel sexy and show it off to somebody”

Speaking of being sexy, it is no secret that men love Ferrari, but what does Farrari think about herself? We asked her what she thinks makes her sexy and she answered confidently.

“My whole demeanor. When I’m at work, it’s all about the customer”

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