Farsali Jelly Beam Highlighter

I’m Rula and I’m obsessed with highlighter! Hi! My name is Milly and I’m obsessed with highlighters.

Hi I’m Kelly and I definitely love highlighters. I’m really excited to learn about this mystery product and try it out. oh! So we have here Far-sal-i? Farsali. Farsali jelly beam. Alright, let’s read a little bit about it. Introducing Farsali Jelly Beam the innovative highlighter that applies like a gel but sets like a powder leaving the elusive wet satin glow Oh my gosh! Oh my god It’s like a slimy.. like weird? Like, I don’t know. Now it’s all over my finger I think I’ve definitely taken way too much so I’m going to scrape a little off. It’s actually drying on my finger already! Oh my god, okay, let me try this.. This is so different. But I’m already liking how this sets. And you only need a little bit. Uhm, it’s like chocolate pudding. I mean it looks nice! yeah it definitely looks nice.

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Laughs How do I look? I’m very messy. I have no clean fingers left.. This is so strong.. The texture was crazy. It literally felt like I was putting chocolate pudding on my face. But it’s really pretty. I don’t know if I would wear this to work, but I would wear this out like every single time for sure! It’s a different texture than what I’m used to with highlighter, but I like that you only need a little bit and it’ll do it’ll go a long way. You know, I like that it blends pretty well with my skin. The texture was definitely a little weird. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as like goopy. Uhm, and I feel like maybe having a tool might help a little if you had like a Beauty Blender or some kind of a sponge that might help with the application. So on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the glowiest, This would probably be a 25.

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