If you want to minimize the appearance of bulky hips and a large bottom, choose a skirt that flares out with an uneven hemline. This draws attention to the hem and away from the saddlebags.

Short fitted cardigans and shrugs are perfect cover-ups to wear over any strapless or spaghetti-strapped dress to keep flabby upper arms in check. Look for those with three-quarter-length sleeves.


I so badly wanted to accept it, as it would have taken the financial pressure off during a crucial period, but the product was too high in sugar and didn not align with my makeup goals and priorities, so I turned it down. Blogging and social influencing has become such a sought-after career, especially to younger women it seems, that some people buy fake followers to build their audience, get their numbers up and get ‘noticed’ in the beauty space yes, even here in little old New Zealand. They get the boost of a few thousand followers (normally on Instagram), some even paying for ‘bots’ that help create fake engagement and build continuous followers. None of it is real, but the attention does sometimes get them noticed by brands and PR agencies, who start off sending them free stuff and then sometimes give them paid work. Some influencers share dramatic content because they know drama creates engagement and engagement means more viewers and followers. Some ask the same questions of their followers over and over, feigning naïvety and asking their audience is opinion or for feedback (when they know full well the answer), because they know people love offering up their advice on social media, and this will lead to more engagement. Once you’re aware of these tactics, you see them everywhere! As social media product endorsement has become more common, audiences have become more alert to it, and many can now see right through fake, sales-pitchy posts. Smart consumers look for authentic and well-intentioned product reviews coming from a place of genuine experience. (See page 209 for more on the business side of being a social influencer.) The more philanthropic side of being a social influencer is the ability to use your profile to raise awareness of causes that are dear to your heart.

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