Many swimwear manufacturers are creating stylish collections of resortwear and cruisewear that appeal to the well-heeled woman. In many cases, these offer better support and coverage than those for a younger market, yet are still cutting-edge in the fashion stakes. Look at the catwalk collections for ideas from couture.

If you want to draw attention away from big hips, choose a strapless swimsuit. The eye will be drawn to the strong horizontal line that covers the bosoms and upwards towards the shoulders and face.



Personally, I have a soft spot for Lifeline, which runs free, confidential, around-the-clock community helplines (Lifeline 24/7, Suicide Crisis Helpline and Kidsline) that are answered by volunteers and counsellors in call centres across the country, as well as coordinating specialist counselling, and corporate and volunteer training. They receive thousands of calls a day from people struggling with all sorts of problems including relationship problems, depression, grief, abuse, loneliness and suicidal thoughts. And they do it all without government funding they rely solely on public donations. I love that I can use my public profile to help raise awareness of and fundraise for Lifeline through social media posts and campaigns, including setting myself a fundraising target and encouraging my audience to make donations. (You can find a list with contact details for Lifeline and other helplines on page 236.) PITFALLS & HOW TO AVOID THEM People don not often share negative news on social media. Okay, there are always a few friends who like to have a grumble, but, generally, only the good stuff makes it online. Positivity is great, but it does mean that scrolling through your feed can often seem like the online equivalent of a lifestyle magazine: beautiful people, beautiful places, tropical holidays, well-behaved babies, ‘bikini bodies’. And the problem is, if your life doesn not look like any of those things, if that all seems unattainable to you, then you’re probably going to feel pretty bad about yourself and your situation. Social media can create feelings of inadequacy, fuelled by comparison.

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