Take several styles of sarong, kaftan and cover-up on holiday with you. They are an easy way to conceal problem areas, as well as providing a degree of protection from the sun.

Swimsuit shopping requires dedication as you’ll need to try on lots of different shapes and styles. If you have a bosom that needs support, look for a medium-weight fabric that has a high level of stretch, as well as hidden cups to lift and separate your boobs.


We do not have the same multi-tasking skills of the millennials who can text while walking through Best Buy, riding a bike or, shudder, while driving at sixty miles an hour on a crowded highway. All the while they hit the right characters on their phone key-pads. These are skills to be admired or feared. And, they do this with their thumbs! And, they are very good at social media. And, they are especially good at letting everyone with a front row ticket to the cyber world stay up to date. They are willing scribes of the hourly play by play of what they are watching, eating, drinking, or where they are at any given time. And, with attached photos to prove it! They are also very good at showing their contempt for elders, at least those who disavow texting, Faceblog, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram, not to mention any other digital resource invented since I began writing this sentence. Plus, they are experts at finding unusual apps and immediately understanding how they work. (If you do not know what an app is, Google it.) They will lobby long and hard to convince you that Bitcoin is the new gold standard, and that Uber is the only way to go.

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