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They look good, but they also know how to make their fans look good in their collections. We’ll have one of each, thank you… Rihanna Fenty x Puma This one may be athleisure by name, but it is signature BadGirlRiri. For S/2018, it’s scuba onesies and biker shorts, oversized nylon track pants, a hint of ’80s beachwear, maillots and mesh overlay.

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And don’t forget footwear: stiletto thong sandals and Perspex heel mules. Beyoncé Ivy Park Ivy Park is all about modern essentials that work on and off the fi eld, encompassing every size on the measuring scale. But what’s making the collection truly wearable and inclusive is the velvet backless cap. Half a hat? True, but it’s genius. The plastic strap replacing the traditional little snapback hole in a baseball cap means a curly mane has ample space, minus the fl attening effect. As part of the A/W17 collection, Bey rocked it – just a few weeks after giving birth to her twins – to a SoulCycle class in nude.

NO WONDER Signed up for the next instalment of Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot’s forthcoming project, Justice League, hits cinemas on 17 November, but we all still want to know how she got that body! Count them, six months’ worth of rigorous body prep work ahead of fi lming, with six hours of daily training involving two hours of fi ght choreography, two hours of fi ght training and two hours of horseback riding.

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