Wrap tops and dresses are great for defining and separating a big bust, provided you are wearing supportive (and the right-sized) underwear. A wrap dress can also emphasize a good waistline.

A big tummy benefits from a skirt that wraps around the tummy and has a tie-up side fastening. This allows the dress to be individually adjusted to make it smooth and flat without pulling or wrinkling.


Of course, what you share is up to you personally, but I think it pays to use social media mindfully and think of the reach and the consequences of what you post. Another problematic aspect of social media is that many people feel stressed out if they don not have a device on them if they’re not ‘connected’ at all times. Have you ever panicked because you have realised you left your phone at home when you went out, as though the world will stop turning if you don not have it? Twenty years ago, we managed just fine without mobile phones, but these days not having a mobile phone with an internet connection on you is almost unthinkable. Even when we go on holiday, we take our phones with us and check emails even work emails constantly. Technology has really influenced a dangerous slide in work–life balance towards always being contactable by and connected to work. Keeping up with social media while on holiday is just part of it these days: posting photos and updates about what you’re getting up to for everyone to see. Social media has created many new words and terms that just didn not exist before including ‘digital detox’! If you think you are too reliant on social media, or you’re uncomfortable with just how much time you spend on it, having a break is a great idea. Whether you decide to do it for a day, a week or a month, give it a try and see how you feel. Do you miss it? Do you find you suddenly have much more time in your day for other things? You may find that having a break and then going back to it when you feel ready encourages you to have a much makeupier relationship with it. Another trick is to remove the Facebook app from your phone.

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