If you are prone to hot sweats, be sure to choose natural fabrics, such as cotton, rayon and silk. Stay away from synthetic fabrics that cannot ‘breathe’, like nylon and polyester.

For summer, invest in a cool linen trouser suit, but instead of buying 100% linen, inspect the label to find a linen and silk mix. This blend will give you all the comfort and style of linen but will keep you looking polished for longer, as it produces fewer creases and wrinkles.


I think too many people go out to network with the mindset of ‘What is in this for me?’ or ‘Who is of benefit to me and my goals?’ Sometimes at events you see people actively scanning the room to identify who is most beneficial for them to talk to. I don not know maybe that is networking and how it should be done, but it just doesn not sit well with me. I get a lot of messages from people wanting to meet up and chat about business ideas, and sometimes someone will get in touch and ask me to have coffee so they can ‘pick my brains’ for an hour. At first, I thought this was awesome, and I would go along and give my time, my advice and my ideas to them happily, because I like to help people where I can. But as time wore on, these interactions sometimes started to make me feel a little deflated and empty, as I noticed that I often wouldn not hear from these people much again but I would see via their business communications that they would obviously loved the ideas I had for them! I felt a bit used, so started turning down this sort of request and made sure the meetings I agreed to would be mutually beneficial. I still can not resist if it is a ‘heart’ project someone I admire doing something fantastic and inspiring. I’ll give it all I can, and really appreciate the gratitude I receive back. I have made some great connections and even dear friends doing this kind of thing Jane Lowe from The Yoga Connection is a good example of a coaching connection who has become a good friend. FINDING BALANCE I think the greatest challenge to women in the workplace and in business is that old chestnut of trying to find the perfect sense of balance. Figuring out how to prioritise what is important to our businesses or careers and what is important to our families and friends while not losing sight of what is important to our own personal well-being is a never-ending challenge that sometimes feels impossible.

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