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Hi everybody, it’s your girl Jenn, and today I have a huge thrift haul for you. Yesterday I decided to pop in to my local Goodwill because I just wanted to find something fresh and unique to style for my upcoming lookbooks, and I ended up getting a lot. If you enjoy thrifting posts like this make sure you’re commentd to my blog. The button will be somewhere down below. It would make my day if you did. So, please do that. So, with that said, let’s get into it. So, I’m gonna start off with this cream blouse first. I really loved it because it had this knot detail in the center. It kinda gives it like a school girl vibe which I enjoy. In the spring I really like tops that are easy and breezy because they give a nice flow to any outfit.

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Also, this brand, Pins and Needles, is actually an Urban Outfitters brands. So, I basically got this for three bucks. Next up I have this floral blazer here. It’s not much of a looker on the hanger, but it just translates so beautifully. I feel like floral and spring just go hand in hand, and this blazer just takes the cake. It originally had huge shoulder pads underneath, but I just decided to cut them out, and I actually safety pinned the side of the sleeves just to tailor it a little bit. This is my version of tailoring. But I feel like it really slims down everything and gives it a modern feel. It just looks like one of those couches you would see in the 90s, and I like that. That’s the vibe I’m going for. Moving on, I have this dark floral camisole. I feel like camisoles and slip dresses are still heavily trending right now, and I thought this would be perfect to add to my wardrobe. I plan on wearing this layered, either with like a baby doll t-shirt, something lacy, or even a turtle neck. I’ve been really digging the way that that looks. It looks layered, it looks dimensioned, and just makes any outfit a little bit more interesting. The crazy thing is I actually picked this up in an abandoned basket at Goodwill.

It was just left on the floor. I’m pretty sure there was nobody like attending to it. So, I picked it up, and you know, it’s kind of a lesson to look at the racks and also the baskets on the floor. This is another item that was in that abandoned cart. This is a neon ribbed tank, and I thought that this would be a really brave choice to add in my spring wardrobe. Neon seems kind of like an intimidating color, but it surprisingly goes with a lot. I feel like fluorescents really go well with white, black, just anything neutral. I feel like it’s like a really interesting pop of color, especially for the spring. I think I might actually crop this and wear it with some high waisted anything. Next up we’ve got this sleeveless houndstooth blouse, and it’s in this really fun metallic fabric which I love. It adds like a nice glimmer to your look. I’ve always been a huge fan of houndstooth because of it’s mod backgrounds. I feel like this is something that Twiggy might wear. I mean, if this came as a shift dress that would be perfect. But yeah, I just love the print, it’s really elevated, and effortless, and totally chic. So, my next item is gonna be this cobalt blue button down.

Originally, I thought the graphics were equations, and that excited me, but with a closer look I discovered that this is actually just random squiggles and doodles, and I like it anyway. It’s actually embroidered, so that really wowed me because a lot of time when into making this button down, and it makes me appreciate it even more. I would probably wear this as an outerwear piece as apposed to just like a shirt on it’s own because it’s kind of oversized. I feel like it would layer really well, especially with like a graphic T or something, or just tied around the waist. Cobalt blue is always like a great accent color. So, I’ve always had a thing for sparkly stuff, and I cannot say no to this sequin top. It’s in this really nice blush color, and it’s got these translucent sequins beaded throughout in the front and the back. I hate it when something beaded is only in the front because, I mean, you gotta give the back some love too. I would probably wear this to any sort of daytime event like a nice brunch or a lunch. It kinda has those vibes to me. For some reason I really love the look of linen, and when I saw this top, Ben actually told me to put it back, but I decided to take it anyway. And this fabric is also really breathable, and soft, and it has this really cool graphic on the back. It’s like the story of a surfer, and he kinda looks like the iconic surfer, Duke Kahanamoku. He has a bunch of restaurants in Hawaii. There’s like a street named after him. But he kinda looked like him, so I was look cool, that’s like some Duke paraphernalia .

But yean, I really enjoy this top. This is my dad on vacation top, but instead of my dad wearing it, it’s me. So, my last item is my wild card. Okay, so don’t judge it by the hanger. It’s not a pretty sight, but here are my red fleece printed pants. They’ve got stars, and all the stars have different prints on it. It’s got zebra, leopard, dots, it’s kinda all over the place. But it’s one of those situations where something is so ugly that it’s kinda cool. I thought I would be able to make it work by just pairing it with something very, very, minimal like a black tank. I thought, I don’t know, it kinda reminded me of those juicy terry cloth fleece sweat pants that are coming back in style. But I thought, with this print, it would be completely unique. Also, I did wash these pants with scalding hot water. And so, they smell of detergent now. But honestly, putting it in my cart was pretty gross. I was like, I don’t know who’s worn these, but now they’re on my body. All right, so that wraps up my thrift haul.

I actually had one more item, but I ruined it in the wash. Look how cute it would’ve been. Maybe I can, I don’t even know what to do with this. This is like for a toddler. But this would’ve been so cute with like jeans this color as well. But yeah, I learned my lesson. Don’t wash wool in hot water. But yeah, that concludes my haul. If you guys enjoy this post please hit the like button, and also, please, please, please visit your thrift store or any local thrift store. You’ll be really surprised with what you can find. It’s good for the environment, you can try out new trends that you’ve always wanted to, and it’s just fun because you never know what you’re gonna get. I wanna thank you guys so much for reading. Feel free to comment down which one was your favorite piece. Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye, mwah. (mellow music).

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