As an alternative to black, every shade of dark blue, from navy to deep azure, can look just as chic. Blue is a softer colour, so it is kind to mature skin that may have lost some of its lustre.

If you have a shapely pair of legs, fishnet tights can look fabulous, as long as you stick to black and choose the more flattering narrow weaves, not the pole-dancing types.


Where do they come from? Why do not they go away? And why does the dog insist upon licking them? In fact, why does the dog insist upon licking anything? Especially after giving the neighbor is Shih Tzu is butt a nice once-over, or immediately after taking a nice drink from the toilet. In fact, why the dog does these sorts of things is as difficult a question to answer as where liver spots come from. I note that no less a formidable institution than the Mayo Clinic calls them age spots, which I think I like even less. These little beauties are also called solar lentigines. If I could pronounce that, it might be my preferred choice of phrases. That way, no one would know what I was talking about. However, being the intellectual sort that I am, I think therein lies a clue. Solar! So, they have something or the other to do with the sun. And I thought that the brown coating compliments of the sun was called a tan. Mea culpa.

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