Heels that are too high to walk comfortably in will not give you enough confidence when you walk into a room. Small heels will improve the way you walk without the worry of ankle twists or falls.

If you are a little short in the leg, always choose shoes that have an open front to reveal as much foot as possible. Ribbons, laces and ankle straps visually shorten your leg length.

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This doesn not have to stop when your business is set up keep dreaming. Talk to other people. I enjoy talking to people who think differently to me. I like to have my conversations challenged and be taught by others to see things from another perspective. Be wary of using your own name in your business name. While creating a personality for your business is important, using your personal name may make it more difficult to sell the business if you decide to down the track. Think carefully about your branding. Just because you like the colour pink doesn not mean you should use it for your brand. You may subconsciously narrow your market to women, or make it unattractive to a potential future buyer who doesn not like that colour. When I started Motivate Me, everyone expected me to put pink in the branding because the business was all about women, but I was conscious that one day I might want to open it to men.

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