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A style that incorporates lots of hair clips or decorations is best reserved for the under-30s. Fat black girl short haircuts Zany, oddball or cute isn’t the look to cultivate – instead think sexy, stylish and chic. Erring on the side of simplicity, with a great cut and colour, will make heads turn for all the right reasons.

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You can not pour from an empty cup. I was giving so much emotional support to women every day with Motivate Me, and I felt so responsible for my members. I also wanted to give everyone great value for money, and that involved me communicating directly with a lot of the members and providing them with support. I set the tone of the group and I just couldn not keep up the positivity required. I didn not want to let anyone down, but I no longer had it in me. I decided to put Motivate Me and M Fit up for sale. M Fit was a much easier commodity to market and sell it was less related to me personally, and was a more tangible entity. It sold within a few months to two sisters who were members of Motivate Me. Motivate Me was a little harder to put a value on, and was more tied up with my personality. I began to make moves to detach myself from the business, and a few months later, after receiving lots of interest from parties who made promising offers but didn not fully get what Motivate Me was about, the same two sisters bought Motivate Me.

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