Faux Fishtail Braid Hairstyles

How about today I’m going to share with you how to do this really cool braid technically this is not a braid but we’re not going to tell anyone if you like to learn how to do new braids or if you’re struggling with creating a regular fishtail braid because let’s be honest it’s a bit complicated when you first learn it then you’re gonna love this hair tutorial I’m probably going to call this a fall fishtail braid because it kind of looks like a fishtail braid but really it’s a completely different technique it’s very easy it’s very cute.

So let’s just get started alright the first thing I’m gonna do is give my hair a quick brush and, I usually put my hair on the left side because, I prefer to do braids on the left side but you can do left or right whatever works the best for you and I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions for thickness and length because without my e’s my braids just don’t move the same all right. So once. I’ve brushed the hair and made sure there are no tangles I’m going to section it.

So first I’m gonna, I still have sort of a slight bangs. So I’m just gonna remove this cuz it’s gonna get in the way as I’m braiding. So I’m just gonna pick it up and just do something like this.

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So it’s not in a way, I don’t have a clip with me. So I’ll just do this it might look a little funny for the time being steak okay, I think it’s gonna stay there alright. So working with this section that doesn’t have layers or mostly doesn’t have layers I’m going to grab a big section here in the middle just like that and I’m gonna grab a clear hair elastic maybe just a bit more here.

So nice and thick section here and I’m gonna secure it with a clear hair elastic and then once this is secured I’m just going to do the opening over the hair elastic. So create an opening and pull the ends of the hair through the opening. So that’s the first one then I’m going to take more hair from the sides.

So again I’m working with quite big sections here. So one section here one section from the left and sort of bring it right under that elastic. So sort of even covering in the hair elastic.

So I’m going to bring the two together just like that and then do the same thing I’m going to secure it with a hair elastic once this is secured with the hair elastic I’m going to do the same thing because this one already has the opening. So, I don’t even need to split the hair I’m just gonna bring the ends of the ponytail through there and just push it a little up just like that. So you want to make sure that it’s all like layered under each other moving on I’m going to continue doing this all the way down.

So again grabbing sections from the outside one from the left one from the right bring them together and secure the hair elastic again and then take the ends and bring it through now I’m going to continue doing the exact same thing all the way down and now I’m just on the last section. So I’m going to do the exact same thing bring the two sections together secure it with an elastic make sure that you don’t grab other hair or layers because then it becomes a bit tangled all right then just use then opening to bring the ends through then push through the elastic just like that and we’re finished with the braid but we’re not finished with styling the braid. So this is what it looks like initially now I’m going to just bring the hair back where it was before and fix my parting now.

I’ve got a lot of layers sort of hanging out I’m gonna grab a few bobby pins and pin them in the back just because, I feel like there’s just a bit too many of them and it looks a bit too messy for my liking. So I’m just going to use a few bobby pins to pin these layers in the back alright. So I’m left with these bangs I’m gonna curl them in a moment but before, I curl the hair I’m just going to go into the braid and really fan it out.

So that’s exactly where the magic happens. So basically I’m going to go into every single strand that, I created starting from the top and carefully hold with left hand or the right hand and pull on the other one and you want to pull slowly and carefully on every section this way it’s not too messy. So as you can see I’m just holding the braid with one hand and pulling with the other and as I’m pulling you can see it’s creating this massive braid and it looks even better if you have any highlights in your hair or if you wearing hair extensions like me with highlights or ombre all right, I think at this point I’m pretty happy with the size of this bread is quite gigantic as it is and as you can see it looks very cool because it sort of looks like a fishtail but it’s not really a fishtail because it’s not going sort of in a downward it’s going more straight and, I really love the effect, I mean it looks super awesome now the next step is to wave these sections because they’re just kind of straight and in my face.

So I’m going to grab a curling one and curl my bangs away from the face. So I’m gonna start from the middle of the bangs and just wrap it around the barrel and hold it for about 12 to 15 seconds kind of looks like a rib cage – it’s a weird comparison but what do you guys think what does it look like let me know in the comment below okay. So hold it for a few seconds and then I’m just gonna release it in my palm I’m going to let it set in my palm for five seconds and then just release that I’m going to do the same thing with the first section here just wrap it around start sort of in the middle of the section hold it for ten to fifteen and then release it in my palm let it set for a few seconds I’m not gonna leave it like that don’t worry that I’m going to do the same thing here curl it away from the face it would be funny if, I did leave it like that just a few seconds alright.

So now I’m just going to go into this section that’s curled it’s sort of run my fingers through it and I’m just going to brush through the banks to open them up and soften them I’m just going to pin this longer section back and that is it we’re finished and that is all, I got for you guys today let me know what you think, I think this brain is pretty awesome leave me a comment down below, I absolutely love reading your comments give this post a big thumbs up that will totally make my day and when you recreate this hairstyle because, I know you will make sure to post it on your Instagram with hashtag luxy hair thank you guys. So much for tuning in I’ll see you next week love you bye.

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