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Cooling yoga moves can soothe summer stress and pacify the mind. Andrew McGonigle, AKA Dr Yogi, suggests we try some easy angst relievers. A deeply restorative posture sends us into a place of meditative calm, cooling our bodies as we relax, he says. All you need is a comfy yoga bolster, a mat and some you time. CHILL with Legs Up The Wall. Good for stress – it’s so good, in fact, that Dr Yogi feels it’s worth the reminder.

PLACE A BOLSTER lengthways a few centimetres away from the wall.

Sit sideways at one end and, gently, with one movement, swing your legs up against the wall, keeping your shoulders and head on the floor.

YOUR LOWER BACK wants to be supported by the bolster, while your coccyx can fall between the wall and the bolster.

GET COMFORTABLE and stay that way for 10 minutes. Gently release, lowering your bottom back onto the mat first, then gently coming onto your side. This posture relieves tired legs, and gently stretches the back of your legs, torso and neck as it calms the mind, says Dr Yogi.

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