The decolletage is very prone to photoageing, so protect it with a serum that contains ferulic acid (a natural antioxidant that most plants produce). This is particularly beneficial for skin suffering from redness (erythema) or which is photodamaged or hyperpigmented.


45; we still had to clean the place and then drill before breakfast. The only difference was that we had no actual lessons, just a barrage of tests, to allow us to demonstrate our skills of regurgitation. Then it was over. The papers were all marked internally over the next few days and the results for the intake of the 25 souls of P1 23 were posted piteously on the notice board for all to see on the Tuesday of the following week. We crowded round the board at lunchtime to see how we had done. Phil, Barry and Starling were first, second and third; I was ninth in the year. One of the Persians was a dismal last, which was a surprise to no one, because he had a basic difficulty in speaking English, let alone writing it. Ahead of him was an Irish Shipping lad, then Bell. Jimmy came in a respectable fourth from bottom, which was a cause for huge celebration. The following two weeks were the last of the term and were taken up with a sailing regatta, a fire-fighting course, a medical course and a series of meetings with the personnel officers of our respective shipping companies.

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