Do you have a festive season style?

I totally go for it! I really love embellishment and sparkles, probably too much; so for New Year’s and Christmas, in fact December in general, everything is covered in sequins. What’s your go-to high street hero?

I’m a big fan of the high street when it comes to clothes. I don’t see the point of buying a £500 blouse that I’ll only wear a few times and could find at Topshop or Zara. River Island is my favourite – I get everything there. Do you have any style obsessions?

Although I don’t splurge on high-end clothes, designer shoes and bags are definitely my weakness! I’ve spent around £7,000 on handbags in the last week alone. I started with a Louis Vuitton, costing £2,000, then I got a Balenciaga and a Chanel too. I’ll go for any style of designer shoe. I recently

bought Givenchy brogues for £520 and Prada Oxfords for £650, but I’m petrified the rain is going to ruin them.

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