FIGS Will Help To Weight Loss

FIGS Will Help To Weight Loss

Figs provide more minerals than dates, with a far lower GI index. Figs are the best fruit source of calcium (162mg; fresh figs 35mg). For a totally huge calcium treat, dip figs into tahini. Figs also provide an abundance of potassium (680mg) and this improves calcium balance; especially for people whose diet includes added salt, extra potassium is required.

A small serve of figs supplies nearly half the essential dietary fibre. Research has shown that high fibre foods reduce the appetite and may assist weight loss. Figs can be combined in cookies and they make an ideal mid morning snack with a cup of tea, especially for the busy houseperson.

Figs supply a good amount of organic iron (2.2mg) plus manganese (0.38mg) and copper (0.30mg): a great combination for blood building and for protection against fatigue, especially with the great supply of carbohydrates. Figs also supply magnesium (58mg), phosphorus (67mg) and silicon (240mg). If you’re feeling teary or weary, call figs to the rescue. Potassium provides muscle power to overcome the obstacles of a messy house, and chlorine (100mg) and sulphur (270mg) will ensure that your inner house is also cleansed! Fresh figs are a most delightful fruit. Forget fatigue with figs!

NOTE: All amounts in this blog are measured in milligrams (mg) per 100 grams, unless stated otherwise.

GLYCEMIC CALORIES – total: 39 kcal. per 100 grams

INDEX: 25 Calories from: Carb: 36 Protein: 2 Fat: 1

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