Find Out The Details Surrounding Demi’s Overdose

If you loved somebody you have to stop them from the self-destructive behaviors that they’re acting in more information has emerged over. Demi Lovato’s hospitalization after overdosing in her Hollywood Hills home on Tuesday July 24th. The singer was out celebrating the birthday of one of her backup dancers at a restaurant called the saddle ranch in West Hollywood on the evening of Monday July 23rd the party continued till 4:30 in the morning at Demi’s house with sources saying she asked her guests to leave as it was getting late. But she stayed sober throughout the entire evening additionally when the paramedics arrived on the scene Lovato refused to tell. Them what drug caused her to overdose with one source saying it was not heroin law enforcement sources have come out, and said no drugs or drug paraphernalia were seized at her home they went on to say that she was uncooperative when EMTs arrived Tuesday morning now as reported Demi was unconscious, and revived with narcan an emergency medication intended to reverse the effects of a narcotic overdose a source close to the singer has said she is now in stable condition celebrities, and fans alike have rallied around Demi Lovato to offer words of love, and support with Justin Timberlake tweeting praying for you Demi Lovato you are loved, and Ariana Grande simply tweeting: I love you for more on this developing story stay with my blog calm.

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