Find Out What Kiss Song Gene Simmons Hates Playing!

We’re gonna play a fun game of Simon Says. So you’re gonna pick a question out of our fishbowl, and you’re gonna get candid about your iconic career. Can I stay see it as well you could stay seated. But you could read it or I could read it for you. I can read okay describe what, it’s like getting ready for a concert with kiss any pregame rituals well we have a statue of Satan in the minute no we don’t the rituals consist of most of us. But mostly meet blasting music fifties sixties seventies in all the wood the modern especially songs that my son, and daughter have written, and performed, and it takes me about two hours to put on the makeup Wow how about you 30 minutes no it takes two hours. Because , it’s intricate, and overtime choirs, and during that time we blast music, and you know sing along like fools. Because that’s right when your favorite songs come it is what kind of a mixing things out it just went around most vivid recording studio memory well I have many of them. But, it’s the apocalypse now children, and I can’t share any of those stories with you. Because somebody will get upset, and we don’t want anybody to get upset you know I have lots of those memories. But you’ll never hear them. Because , it’s 1984 Big Brother’s reading I’m in the middle TV interview the makeup disaster I am it wasn’t. So much a disaster, it’s just sort of a tug of the heart thing when we first put on makeup those used to be a place downtown here in New York called the Fillmore East. So we were the very last band to play the Fillmore East before it was closed, and ours was a PR kind of coming out for the media, and we played there put on our own makeup, and everything, and I wanted my mother to be proud. So she was in the audience there were maybe 30 people in the whole place, and the rest of the concert hall was empty at the end of the show everybody’s going crazy, and they’re asking questions, and then I see my mother come down the middle of the row between the, and walk over to the other side where Paul Stanley is, and compliment him, and how mom um this one. I’m this one not that one yes she didn’t recognize me how many makeup looks did you try out before moving forward with the demon you know this is a really good question. Because I have to say in hindsight which is 20/20 see what I’m doing there all the cliches is just stick him in the same sentence whatever happened happened we were at Ennis 23rd Street which is not far from here, and we didn’t know anything we didn’t know what a band was a brand in fact in those days you didn’t use the word branding or marketing you just didn’t we didn’t know anything we could barely play our instruments, and we were at a loft which was a firetrap with no windows no door roach-infested I don’t know why. But we were rehearsing doing some songs gee that sounds good I like this I like that hey let’s go wear makeup nobody can take credit for it just came up, and then we went to a place called Woolworths which was a department store, and we went to Wars, and bought clown white face, and black steins black I don’t know why, and we just start like kids you know you know, and we just did that, and the makeup that I put on that day is mostly what I still wear today you name it kiss song that you weren’t crazy about. But ended up becoming a hit well Paul Stanley comes in, and he says Georgia writing new songs I go oh. Yeah I got one called almost Reuben. Yeah how’s it go I’m almost human I can’t help feeling straight. Yeah that’s cool that’s gene song how about you Paul he goes I got one I got tonight oh that’s cool. Yeah what’s the next line I’m gonna give it all to you oh. Yeah I know what it means. I know exactly what you mean. Yeah in the darkness we love that there’s something I want to do. Yeah I know what that something is wow that’s a cool song okay what’s my part dude you’re killing me really dude I’m gonna sing like my grandmother dude I hate playing that song today stadiums full of people jump up, and down like biblical locusts, and you know stuff they go nuts with tattoos, and grills on it all jumping up, and down, and gone, it’s still still to this day on you well I do how about you sing that song you’re a girl I want to send guys stuff. Yeah I understand thank you.

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