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Poppy says she and her trainer Efua Baker spend a lot of time working on my core using the exercise ball and doing Pilates-type moves, which my body responds well to. I couldn't handle those trainers who make you do 25 burpees in a row. ?

My goal is to have a butt like Gisele's,  she reveals. I had her French Vogue cover on my fridge for motivation. ?

Poppy will often moan to her dishy husband James Cook when she's not in the mood to work out.

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He'll remind me how good it feels afterwards,  says Poppy He's a real motivator – for him, his body is a temple. .

Good tunes make for a great workout. I keep it punchy and heavy,  she explains. I love working out to Notorious B.I. G, The Prodigy, Daft Punk and Jay Z.

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