First Impressions Review LOreal Paris OIL Nail Polishes Hot or Not

Hey guys, I’m really excited. Because I just received something in the mail that just launched in Canada and they are the new L’Oreal Paris oil nail polishes by color riche and the reason why I’m. So excited about them is. Because they’re the first oil infused nail polishes on the market actually no oil has been a huge trend in beauty you’ve seen them in skin care products like cleansing oils and lip products and now in nail polishes. So it’s supposed to make your color look shiny and bolder.

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And I also receive a little pen slip when I got these nail polishes. So this is the first oil nail polish breathtaking shine obsessive color and they’re infused with four oils and the oils are camellia oil rose oil little tipsy oil and argan oil. So all these micro oils are infused into the nail polishes to give your nails shine. So I’m super excited to try them out. And I’m also curious about the drawing time. Because since their oil I turn all still dry you know like a regular nail polish and another thing about these is that when they dry they’re supposed to give off overalls 6.

So I’m curious. I’m really excited about that too I do have an ongoing partnership with L’Oreal Paris on my blog. So usually when there’s a new product I get to try them out. So I was sent 20 of the shades. But I believe there’s going to be at least twenty five shades altogether the colors I got sent are all really pretty and vibrant. So I think you’re perfect for summer and the colors are also great for falling these three here. So upon first impressions the bottle itself is beautiful and has a cut blessed design which gives it a crystal effect and when you open it the brush itself is really unique.

Because the stem actually has three ridges and this is supposed to slow gravity to prevent dripping and the brush is also wider and browser which gives you like one even stroke application on your nails. So let’s see if that is true we’ll put that to the test. I’m not going to use a base coat or a top coat. Because I just want to see the OH three of these nail polishes. And I want to see if it really does give off the shine harem using shade 440 and as you can see the brush is really wide and big. But my nails are also wise. So I do have to go over the sides of my nails to get everything covered in terms of application the formula is really smooth and with one coat is completely opaque well for this color anyway.

And I love how it dries within ten minutes. So here you can see that it has a nice high-gloss finish. I’m not going to paint in my right hand. So I’m going to do that one off-camera. But I did went ahead and swatch the rest of the colors they’re all opaque except for the lighter colors which do require two coats. So now my nails are dried I only use one coat for this color and this is the color in 440 it’s really pretty once it dries up it’s even more bold and vibrant than the bottle and now the moment that I’ve been waiting for Kim is super excited it’s supposed to smell like roses. So wow it does it has a really light delicate rose scent it’s really similar to the L’Oreal lipsticks actually the school is my first nail polish that actually smells after it dries and it doesn’t smell like chemicals or anything it has a really nice light fragrance which is really cool.

So yes I checked it does smell that lives up to the height and in terms of drying time it was a little different than my other nail polishes with one coat it charred within ten minutes and after ten minutes I was able to touch it and as you can see now I can just do anything and this was a thin coat – and this color was really opaque. So after I did this hand I actually went ahead. And I splashed the rest of the colors on here and just when they’re joined I can see that all don’t leave any cult and this is without a topcoat. So it does live up to his claim that it gives a shiny finish and it drives like a regular nail polish. But it leaves behind a really nice light delicate scent and it’s really glossy like I definitely check these out I think that they’re cool especially just check them out for the scent. Because trust me once you paint your nails you’ll be you’ll be sniffing them look what. I’m doing now.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you did don’t forget to give this a thumbs up and in the comments below let me know what you think of them and if you’ll be trying them out thanks so much for reading. And I’ll talk to you later.

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