Fitness Fallacies

Abdominal exercises can help tone your stomach but they will not flatten it. Increase aerobic exercise and reduce fat in your diet to work away fat from your body.
Lifting weights will not create body-builder muscles … but if you are worried about bulking up, do higher repetitions with lower weights (even two-pound weights work).
Stretching cold muscles before working out is a bad idea and can Below is Jody Jarel, the woman who always inspires me to go just a little bit further than I think myself capable. (Just look at her perfect body!) Jody teaches the most amazing aerobics classes, and sometimes comes to my home to train me one-on-one. She is a source of energy and inspiration.
even be injurious. It is a good idea to warm the body up for a few minutes doing leg lifts, a brisk walk, or a light jog before doing any kind of stretching that will, in turn, help prevent injury during your fitness activity. Stretch again at the end of your workout to prevent soreness the next day.
No pain, no gain is bad fitness thinking. I believe, on the other hand, that if you truly like the activity you are engaged in, you are more apt to stick to it and see real gains. Stretching properly helps reduce injury as well as aches and pains.

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