Flaxseed Hand Soak Homemade

This soak is extremely gummy and is very helpful for dry, inflamed, irritated and itchy hands.

1/2 cup flaxseeds optional: 1/2 teaspoon rich carrier oil,

16 oz. water like olive, peanut or avocado

Make herbal infusion with flaxseeds and water and let steep for 8 hours. Pour unstrained infusion into a pot and gently reheat, then add to the bowl and top off with additional warm water. Add optional rich carrier oil such as olive or peanut. If your hands are very damaged you will want to do this soak several times a week and follow it up with a rich cream application.

Antimicrobial Soaks for Cut and Wounded Hands. Minor cuts and wounds to the hands can be encouraged to heal more quickly with an antimicrobial soak made from various herbal tinctures. Be aware that the alcohol content in the tinctures may sting open wounds if used undiluted. Remember that tinctures must be prepared several weeks in advance of using them to allow for optimal extraction of the active ingredients in the herbs. Once made, they are easily preserved for future use if stored out of direct heat and sunlight, and can be used for many purposes. If you don’t have the time or inclination to make your own tinctures, use this section as a reference guide for purchasing and using ready-made tinctures available at health food stores and via mail order (see Resources).

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