Of course, it’s not the first time that the 26-year-old musician has been accused of acting shady: Not only did he start seeing Kylie while she was just 17, he is also thought to have done so while still with Blac Chyna, 27, the mother of his 3-year-old son. And this past July, a nude selfie that he reportedly texted to a model named Mia Isabella leaked online. He denied that he’d.

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He had transferred over from Palm Line, where he had served his cadetship going back and forth between the UK and Europe to West Africa. Max had a wild edge and we whiled away the night-watches with many a fine story of his escapades along the West African coast, during which he appeared to have shagged the entire female population. Usually, as we approached and left port, we cadets would spend time on the bridge -although this was mostly dogsbody work: meeting the pilot, manning the engine telegraph, putting up and taking down flags, and all the general jobs that a well-trained monkey could do.,, well, I suppose we were apes after all. The bridge at sea was altogether a different place the when going in and out of port: none of the frantic activity we were used to, just calm and measured progress as the ship cleaved its way through the water. We were mostly in sight of the coast during my week, and under Max’s tutelage I plotted the ships course by taking compass bearings, kept radar watch, kept watch for other craft – large and small – making sure we kept a wide berth. Traffic was moderate in the South China Sea and we could expect to meet several other deep-sea ships each watch – as well as a constant host of small fishing vessels, usually open wooden dugouts with outboards, which stayed within a couple of miles of the shore. At night they were lit up with naphtha lamps. I wrote up the log-blog at the end of the watch, using the flowery language that the task required. In addition to being a commercial oil tanker, we were also a weather ship, which meant that we also had to keep a special weather log every six hours: observations on cloud type, wind speed and direction, visibility, the state of the sea, air and sea temperatures, air pressure and barometric graph trends.

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