Four-time Formula One champ Sebastian Vettel

Four-time Formula One champ Sebastian Vettel talks racing and, err, shaving Alright Seb. You’ve just sealed your fourth consecutive world title. Apart from an ace car, what’s been the key to your success?

Maybe it sounds corny, but family is very important. The support I had when I was young was so necessary. I think you can dream about a lot of things when you’re young. But if you haven’t got people around you to support and help you then it could remain just a dream. Our common passion for motorsport – particularly my dad who used to race – helped me enjoy myself and kick-started my career.

Dreams are so important.

What kind of focus do you need to be the man to beat in F1?

Even though it’s hard sometimes, the most important thing is to keep fighting. It’s crucial you set yourself a certain target and aim in life to realise a dream. The harder and longer you have to work for it, the sweeter the taste once you get there. It’s important to renew your dreams, to reset them, so you have new things driving you. If you don’t have new challenges to master in life it can feel quite empty.

Who was your idol as a young driver?

Michael Schumacher set the target for me. I thought I could maybe compete in a car like his and race in FI. Looking up to him helped me want to win and fight for championships. That was the big dream when I was young. Fie showed me what it would take to achieve my dream. But when you grow up you also understand yourself better. It’s important to find your own style.

We have a few boy racers at loaded. Humour us, if you would, and tell us your tips for making it into F1.

You have to almost be obsessed, in a way. It takes many small steps to climb the ladder and come out on top. I would say you have to be patient and remain true to yourself. Also, make sure you enjoy it. Driving is something that brings to me passion and joy, which helps me find that extra edge.

You must believe in yourself, but at the end of the day you also really need to love what you do. You can force a lot of things in life, but you can’t force joy.

You’re the new face of Braun. Well done. We’re desperate to know if the shaver’s technology compares to what the geeks in Red Bull’s garage come up with?

In some ways I would say it does. In FI there is obviously enormous attention to detail. The car is very big and complex. But at the end of the day it’s still a car. It’s important to keep certain things simple, whether that is for a high-tech shaver like Braun, or an FI car. I like Braun’s design. Their electric shavers are known to be really safe, and you don’t get any cuts. It packs a lot of technology into a small, simple device. But you don’t think about the new technology, research or innovation that’s gone into it. That’s the point. You just feel comfortable using it. Like FI, Braun has a long history and it also established only a couple of miles from where I grew up. It’s good to close the loop.

Sebastian Vettel is Global Ambassador for the Braun male power grooming range, launching the shaver brand’s global Hold on to Your Dreams’ project. For more information, visit

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