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It must be all in the genes

Somewhere in the world there is a bluegrass band called Frank Solivan & Dirty

Kitchen who have been making splendid music for several years, and during none of those several years have I read about or heard of them, entirely my loss if the goodies here are anything to go by.

What we do have here is not, strictly speaking, a Dirty Kitchen album although most of the band do make an appearance or two. Instead, we get main man Frank doing what it says on the tin, recording 14 tracks with family, friends and heroes, and what a joyful racket they all make.

There are far too many of each category to name check but Frank’s assorted cousins sing gloriously and his Dad plays a mean guitar, but the show is stolen by his late Mother’s fabulous rendition of Wayfaring Stranger, simply wonderful – should have been the last track. The Heroes number amongst them Sam Bush and Jerry Douglas who combine to good effect on Frank’s song I Am A Rambler.

As evidenced by the number of stars, I really like this, but I feel it is my duty to point out that there is a reason why Roy Orbison is not a noted bluegrass songwriter, therefore it is brave to have included a version of Pretty Woman however the result is more foolhardy. That said if the Solivan family are having a party I want to be there, in the kitchen with a coffee. Ian Ambrose

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