Frankincense Is A Wise Choice Skincare

Look for this ingredient in organic skincare products; the sweet light oil has long been famous for its purifying properties, and in cream forms it is used for soothing and toning and as a skin repairer in antiageing products.

Happy prostitutes though, it seemed. We got back to our hotel in the early hours, flushed with the experience and the beer. The next morning we left after breakfast for the long drive across-country to Tabango. The agent drove us in an old, massive American limousine.

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The car was too ancient for air-conditioning so we had the windows open throughout the seven-hour trip. I had my arm on the window edge for most of it, and when we arrived it was burnt crimson. We were mostly silent, wrapped in our hangovers; we watched the verdant green country go by, shimmering in the heat.

We caught the ferry over to Leyte in the late afternoon and arrived at the Vexilla half an hour afterwards. Most officers preferred Chinese crews because they gave less trouble, didn’t fight among themselves much, were generally more subservient, and usually did what they were told. This contrasted with many white crews, who got drunk whenever possible, argued back, were violent and didn’t miss an opportunity to do-down an officer.

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