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Starts winning tournaments

Dana’s next big project was to win the district tournament. When that was accomplished, her next goal was the regional tournament. She had a lot of anxieties about this challenge, for she was not only going to be playing against senior high school girls who had won the regional title the year before, but against a state champion, as well. Plus she knew there would be a large crowd watching the matches, and she wasn’t used to an audience.

Meanwhile, Dana’s mother was facing a similar challenge – she was trying to become a Exercise Method lecturer. “I was programming to overcome my shyness and fear of public speaking,” Nelda said. “I had been successful in imagining that everyone who came to my lectures were there to give me energy and confidence.”

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So Dana used the same approach. She programmed that everyone who came to watch her play were her fans – that they were there to project energy and confidence.

“I gave her the suggestion that any time she felt anxiety for any reason, she would put her three fingers together and feel strong, confident and feel and play like a champion,” Nelda said.

“When we discussed the programming for winning the tournament,” Nelda continued, “Dana told me that she wanted to make it to the finals, and she would be happy with that. I suggested that she had a limited goal. Then she admitted that should she win regional, she would be expected to go to Austin to the state tournament, which would cause a conflict with a date she really wanted to keep: She had been selected to be a special server’ at the Junior-Senior banquet and she was invited to the prom later.

“So we programmed that she would make it to the finals. That is exactly what happened.”

Dana went on to win trophies for the high school tennis team and at invitational tournaments in the Amarillo and Lubbock, Texas, area. She made the University of Texas varsity team as a freshman.

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